Hello beautiful people and I am so happy that you are joining me on my new life journey! 

I am your very ordinary average person who is constantly seeking life happiness and work/life balance. Due to some of my past life experiences such as managing through a divorce, surviving breast cancer and helping a loved one combat drug/alcohol addiction, I feel that I now have the knowledge and experience to hopefully inspire others.

Earlier this year, I was in a serious career meltdown/crisis, along with some other personal insecurity issues, and was therefore inspired to start my own blog to document my past and continuing life journey. I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to with this blog so have decided to start fresh for 2019.  I feel that life is a constant journey of change and growth so why not do that with my blog site also.  Even though I have removed all former blog posts, I may update and repost them at some point.

For now, though, please await my new and fresh views on life and it’s unavoidable ups and downs.  I promise that it will be a beautiful roller coaster ride.  During this journey, I hope to help others along the same path.  With me by your side, I truly can’t wait to see you create your own beautiful life story.