She sits in the back corner of the garden, her little green sprigs working tirelessly and relentlessly once again during another new spring of pushing herself up above the frozen winter ground, feeling so exhausted and dis-engaged as she wonders once again if anyone will ever notice what her true value is. A work flower she is for sure.  A perennial work flower who rolls up her petals and pollinates like crazy to put every bit of her roots and stems into creating beautiful blossoms every year for all to enjoy.  Why is it that she always remains in the back corner of the garden…she wonders?  Why is that she is never chosen as the most special one to be cut and put in a vase in the middle of the kitchen table where all can admire her as the most creative centerpiece…she wonders?  Why does she keep trying and trying and trying every year to be the most beautiful and admired flower in the garden while all those lazy annuals stay in the front…she wonders?  As the pent-up tears of pollen once again stroll down her newly sprung blooms and stems, the very unhappy but quite beautiful flower, contemplates what her true purpose in the garden really is.  She analyzes, for the millionth time in her introverted and lonely plant life, would anyone ever see her as more than the one invisible flower always sitting in the back corner of the garden.

Is she never to be more than a back of the garden, taken for granted and over utilized loyal perennial space filler who puts in way more hours than the most successful and admired fake annual flowers up front?  Those annuals never seem to work as hard as the perennials such as she is.  Those annuals just sit all pretty at some fancy store while waiting for some lazy human to choose them and do all the work to set them in the ground once spring has already sprung and the dirt is all nice and smoothly prepared. Such selfish lazy things they are…think they are so great just because they are newbies all fresh out of the greenhouse, cheaper and easier to plant from the ground up…of course no negative feelings from years and years of hard old fashioned work of fighting through the weeds of the garden to ensure that you sprout back up stronger and more beautiful inside and out…no of course not, she thinks.

This is so tiring she thinks…I am so invisible and unimportant to the whole world…why do I even keep trying?  As an exhausted, beat down wilted flower, she feels that she has a whole lot more to offer the world, such as creativity, dedication, and intelligence but they just are not seeing her.  A flower who has more to offer the world than one who just knows how to flaunt their fake lazy unearned petals.  A flower who is creative enough to line the most expensive art galleries in the world or be simple enough to earn the centerpiece of a warm family dinner where loved ones spend night after night building deep meaningful relationships with one another.  A flower who is beautiful enough to be chosen and delivered to that special someone…on a holiday or birthday or even after surgery.  That flower who has purpose, can help heal and comfort others with their beauty and love.

But as the last drops of pollen roll down the discouraged invisible little flower’s beautiful but sullen petal, something overcomes her once again.  Something that tells her once again that she is better at something than any other flower in the garden and that is resilience and drive.  She just never can completely give up…just isn’t part of her DNA.  This little pistil is a fighter, resistant to the wind, rain, snow, hail…you name it.  I mean she has been continuously fighting through the weeds and frozen ground year after year to come back to produce her beautiful self every spring, whether anyone noticed or not.  This invisible flower will not give up.  She knows there will be a time for her to shine in the front of the garden, on the highest priced gallery walls or on the most loved family’s dining room table.  She just must keep pursuing, striving, and fighting through the weeds of the garden until it is time for her to be chosen as the most beautiful flower in the garden.  It will happen, she is sure of that as the sun reaches down to touch and uplift her most amazing gift and that is her inner petal so sweet, intelligent, and more creative than anything else in the garden of life.  Her persistent and stubborn hardworking stems and petals will be finally noticed and appreciated as she will not stop until that day of sweet pollen shows her true talents to the garden of life.

Posted by:Heidi Alexander

Hi to all of you beautiful people! I am your most ordinary average hard-working person always striving for the best that life has to offer emotionally, regardless of money...however, money is a nice plus...that I cannot! As someone who has experienced many struggles, heartaches and changes in life, I am hoping that a blog may be just what I need...that by sharing my life experiences, past and present, as I journey through the weeds of life...that I can hope to even minutely help someone else in addition to helping myself.

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