Finding you might mean losing you first. Lose you until you have no idea who you are. Lose you until you realize that you are at rock bottom. Lose you until you have no anger left. Lose you until you are numb. Lose you until you feel that the world hates you.  Lose you until there is no other way than up.  Lose you into the beauty of night.  Lose you into passion you have never known.  Lose you until the world seems surreal.  Lose you until there is nothing but love in your eyes for all others.  Lose you until you decide that you are worth all wonderful things in life and no one else will stop you from achieving just that. Lose you to find you.

Posted by:Heidi Alexander

Hi to all of you beautiful people! I am your most ordinary average hard-working person always striving for the best that life has to offer emotionally, regardless of money...however, money is a nice plus...that I cannot! As someone who has experienced many struggles, heartaches and changes in life, I am hoping that a blog may be just what I need...that by sharing my life experiences, past and present, as I journey through the weeds of life...that I can hope to even minutely help someone else in addition to helping myself.

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